Amsteel Mills Sdn Bhd
+ Low Carbon Steel Wire Rods
+ Low Carbon Steel Wire Rods for Fine Drawing
(Rimmed Substitute Equivalent to SWRM 8R from JIS G 3505)
+ Rolled Carbon Steel for Cold Finished Steel Bars
+ Wire Rods for Core Wire of Covered Electrode
+ Wire Rods for Core Wire of Covered Electrode
(Rimmed Substitute Equivalent to JIS G 3503 - SWRY11)
+ High Carbon Steel Wire Rods
+ Carbon Steel for Cold Heading Part 1 : Wire Rods
+ Carbon Steel Fillers Metal for Gas Shielded Arc Welding
+ Free Cutting Steel
(Leaded Rephosphorised & Resulphurised Carbon Steel)
+ Hot Rolled Steel for General Structure - Flat Bars
+ Hot Rolled Steel Bars for the Reinforcement of Concrete
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Bright Steel Sdn Bhd
+ Cold Finished Bars
+ Hot Rolled Steel
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Lion Blast Furnace Sdn Bhd
Lion Steel Sdn Bhd
+ Hot Rolled Coil
+ Hot Rolled Coil Pickled & Oiled
+ Cold Rolled Coil
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Lion Steelworks Sdn Bhd
+ Industrial Steel Storage System
+ Physical Security Products
+ Steel Office Furniture
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Lion Tooling Sdn Bhd