THE LION GROUP was established in the 1930s and today, has operations in Malaysia, China,  Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Laos. It is involved in the retail, property development, mining, steel, agriculture and services sectors. Since 1992, the Group has ventured into China with operations in the retail and property businesses.

The Group has three companies listed on Bursa Malaysia with two in Singapore and one in Hong Kong. It has an annual group turnover of approximately RM 10.86 billion (US$ 2.47 billion) and provides employment for more than 11,000 people.

  The stylised lion head is the distinctive Corporate Symbol of the Lion Group. It represents The Lion Group's progressive philosophy and bold approach towards business challenges. The graphic representation of the lion's mane depicts the sun's rays, the basic source of life and energy. For The Lion Group, these elements combine to symbolise success, growth and a sharing of and commitment to social responsibility in a competitive environment.



We shall be a global business group with world-class products and services that enrich the quality of life.


We are committed to make The Lion Group a caring organisation and be recognised for excellence in quality, growth and profitability.

Core Values

+ Team Spirit
+ Commitment
+ Integrity & Honesty
+ Customer Oriented
+ Respect and Empathy for Individuals

Management Practices

+ Continuous Learning
+ Conducive Environment
+ Leadership by Example
+ Entrepreneurial Spirit
+ Sense of Crisis and Urgency
+ Benchmarking for Best Practice
+ Empowerment for Effectiveness
+ Group Synergy